Don’t you, forget about me.

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In a star studded lineup, there will be the hidden gems.  And behind a line up like Manchester United’s these gems include world class players.  One such indispensible option is found in Michael Carrick.

This year he quietly made himself an integral part of Fergie’s strongest lineup, and in the holding midfielder role, he has proven he is clearly top class.  Just like there are many steps that lead to a goal, there are many players that lead a team to a championship, and for me Michael Carrick was just that this year.


Mission Accomplished. United 0, Arsenal 0

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I was up and at the Abbey in time for the match this morning, ready to watch history.  And it happened.

The game itself was a tense ball of nevres from the start.  United pressed for the goal that would surely see them to the title, and that played right into Arsenal’s hands.  Each time we got possession we looked for that one ball, that one pass, that one touch, that would give us the goal we so desired.  It never came.  It was fine, or so we all thought.  0-0 still gets us the title, we whispered quietly.  Slowly we retreated as the second half wore on content to see it out.  That, as football fans know, is the most dangerous thing to do.  It worked.  A couple of close calls and nervy moments later we were champions.

It wasn’t a pretty match, definitely not something to write about, but I didn’t wake up a 4 in the morning to see a good match.  I would have settled for even less than what I got. I went to see history, and mission accomplished.

On the brink.

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Six hours from now I will be awake, dressed, and ready to head to the Abbey.  Ready to see history in the making.  United can secure their 18th league title tomorrow and I am giddy.  Eyes on the prize boys.  I say we go guns blazing, and I think Ferguson agress with me.

He stated today, “We’ve just got to concentrate on winning the league and try to do that in our own way. Going for a point is always a dangerous game to play when that’s all you need, we must try and go for the win.”

O man, PMS is setting in…time for bed, but maybe not sleep.

Can we trust this man?

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I don’t know what to think about agent, representative, friend, mouth-piece of Tevez, Kia Joorabchian.  This guy has been shady from the second Tevez and Mascherano entered the EPL, and proved that he was with the ensuing law suit and side show over the summer.

According to, Tevez’s current situation has led to speculation he could join a number of clubs including AC Milan, Liverpool and Manchester City. With Tevez stating that he would like to remain in England, I’m not sure what to think, or if I can trust this man.

Revenge, a tasty treat.

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Of the ten titles won by Sir Alex, only two (so I read) have been secured in front of the Old Trafford faithful.  This Saturday could be monumentous for many reasons, that being one for sure, but the other is a delightful treat for us Red Devils.

In 2002, Arsenal secured the title at Old Trafford, and ever since have not let us forget about it.  Rooney says it best, “When they come to Old Trafford you always hear them singing about winning the title at Old Trafford, so it would be nice to win against them. That would be special.”

Special indeed.  The players know what this means and how special this win will be, but the added flavor of securing the title with a result against Arsenal is just too tasty of a treat.

Thirty Million Pounds? On Second Thought…

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Carlito said earlier this week that he doesn’t see his future with Manchester United.   At that point, I was ready to let him go.  And then he goes and completely redeems himself.  Tevez has had quite a week.  He has always impressed with his tierless running, chasing, harrassing, but this year he lacked the finishing required of a striker in the Premier League.

One week later, two games in fact, and he has become an instrumental piece of our overall success.  So now I join you Stretford End, when I sing “Fergie, sign him up, Fergie”.

Come off the ledge my friends! United 2, Wigan 1

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Manchester United 1 – 0 Wigan

What a game.  As my eyes blurred while watching the game via three “live” gamecasts (,, the expected result took much longer to develop than my heart and nerves wanted it go.  Bless you, you little red caveman.  We may not have you next year, but I will remember your goal as the moment where I startled my officemates by screaming and pumping my fist as if I was suddenly burned by my computer.

The next twenty-five minutes I sat in agonizing pain as United went guns blazing.  The only reason I knew this was that the commentators (remember 3 gamecasts) were all in agreement with this event.  O that, and the many little dots that kept popping up representing shots taken.  I sat there gripping my desk, sweating in my air conditioned office, urging them with every fiber of my being as the pushed for the winner.

And then it came.  The most beautiful blue dot on the screen, followed by the commentary, “Goal – Carrick”.  I know this is not as exciting as seeing the play develop, but it was all I needed.  I lept, yes lept out of my chair, flinging it behind me with a crash.  Eighteen fist pumps later, I tried to resist the burning desire to run down the hall screaming and tearing off my clothes.  I furiously texted the good news to Jacob (good news for me, not sure if it was for him), but he needed to know.

“Michael Carrick struck an 87th-minute winner to sink Wigan 2-1 and move Manchester United to within a solitary point of retaining their Premier League title.”

Next stop, premiership title.  Third in a row.  Beat Arsenal (or draw), win the title.  Old Trafford better be rocking.  I will be up at 4:45 AM to watch it, at my local pub, with my friends, and a Guinness.

PMS, for men.

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This is known as Pre-Match Stress.  The feeling that we men get the day of a match.  It may be a strictly male syndrome, but it’s funny how the symptoms are the same.  I have it right now.

Manchester United vs. Wigan at the JJB.  4 more points United, 4 more points…


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As a loyal fan of Manchester United Football Club I must begin this blog with a quick summary of what the Stretford End is:

“Traditionally, the Stretford End housed United’s most loyal and patriotic supporters. In the days before all-seater stadia, it was the main standing area of the ground, accommodating 20,000 standing United fans. It was once measured that the roar of the crowd from the Stretford End was louder than a Jumbo Jet taking off.” (more)

Glory, glory Man United.